Tradelounge development ceased

Tradelounge has been an incredibly difficult project, we've gone from a simple site to display trades from the Discord to inventory history, item value, detecting alts, trade generators, a full fledged search.

It's pretty hard to take some of the posts from the Discord and produce real tangible items, especially when people like to use odd characters and many emojis! Not to mention we've built a custom inventory valuation API (float overpay, sticker overpay, etc) which relies heavily on Steam, if anyone has used the API they'll understand the pain involved.

A lot of headaches and long nights have been spent making Tradelounge what it is.

We were the first ones to be scraping Buff (Vue is still IP banned, sorry!), CS.Deals and a few other sites to provide the most accurate item prices on the site as well as in the price bot!

That's why from today, development on Tradelounge will cease.

What that means is new skins will not be added to the parser or generator; all items before Operation Riptide will still continue to function. Features like 'Inventory History', which some of you will have seen already, will not be developed further nor released in the future.

Price bot will still continue to receive updates, albeit infrequently.

Thanks to all of our very early testers for their feedback as well as the community for making use of the site and fuelling development.

Logging into Tradelounge will still verify your Steam account within Trademart.

4 weeks ago